Panasonic X20 (X24) review


Here’s a review of the successor to Panasonic’s X10 Plasma TV, the X20, which seems to do a great job for its price range. Not perfect, but I don’t think I would mind having this in my living room.



X20 is a typical Panasonic plasma-TV. Straight away you recognize the things that have made the Panasonic plasma TVs very popular amongst picture enthusiasts. I ran a HD demo to give me some first impressions, and I actually did this test before my measurements and such. I felt that X20 has a good picture. Colors are reproduced nicely and the picture has depth and contrast. My initial impression was also that the picture is somewhat brighter than the X10 from 2009 but still has a lot of reflections. However, I also felt that colors are not as intense and accurate as on G20.