March 30th Blu-ray Releases

EDIT: Beginning this week, I will start noting the Warner Brothers titles which will have the 30-day rental window imposed on them. I will place ** next to the title.

I can’t remember a week with fewer overall selections of Blu-ray titles, but there are always at least one winner. I did have the unfortunate luck of watching "Housebroken" with Danny DeVito…and it really tops my list of worst movies of the year. Seriously, it was awful. I can’t believe I haven’t seen "The Killer" featuring a very young Chow Yung Fat, so that’s on my list to check out. Luckily, there were more than that released…

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week


Let me start by saying I really enjoyed this revision to the classic series. I have read some reviews saying it was too far off from the traditional movies, and that they made Holmes out to be way to strong a character, but I was thoroughly entertained throughout. The twists weren’t all that great, but I enjoyed the banter between Downey and Law and the explosions were fun as well. This is not an oscar-caliber film, but that’s not what it was going for either, it was just a good time!