FSP Zen 400 Silent PSU Review

I’ve personally used this PSU from FSP, but this has been around for a long time–it is only 400 watts. But, ever since Antec got out of the Phantom-silent PSU’s, this is one of the last remaining players in the game. And it is completely silent, as unlike the Phantom this one does not even have an emergency fan…so plan your cooling carefully!


With a conservative 400-watt rating and two +12V rails of 14 and 13 amps respectively, the Zen 400 is a more than capable power supply for most applications, but don’t expect to run a couple of high end graphics cards with it. It does have a PCI-E 6-pin connector, and should support most cards that will accept the native connector. The Zen also has active PFC and an 80Plus Bronze certification.