Apple COO Tim Cook: ‘We Have No Interest In Being In The TV Market’

For a company that’s usually ahead of the game on trends, the AppleTV is just a weird thing. Apparently sales grew 35% this last holiday season, which is pretty astonishing given the bloody thing hasn’t changed in years! I would like to see them seriously commit to this space, as I think they could push everyone to make for a better experience in their own products. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Business Insider

"Today, the go-to-market model for Apple TV is very difficult. Because it would seem that that go-to-market model would lead to the TV. And we have no interest in being in the TV market." This means that Apple will either continue to stay out of the TV market, or will come out with a TV in a year and proclaim that it’s the greatest TV of all time.