HP TouchSmart 600 Reviewed

HP continues onward with development of their touch-crazy TouchSmart all-in-one PC’s. While not directly an HTPC, you can see how the touch features and large 23 inch screen could fit rather nicely in a variety of environments. At $1049 however, it’s quite an investment.   CrunchGear The part that makes it stand out from other systems is, of course, the […]

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ASUS O!Play HDP-R1 Media Player


We have covered a number of different media players with a variety of features in the past, so no surprise that ASUS decided to get involved in the game. Their O!Play HDP-R1 brings a lot of familiar items to the table, but with so many competitors in the market, the ASUS will need to play hard to stand out.  Introduction […]

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February 23rd Blu-ray Releases

This must be the week of bundled sets of older releases. Analyze This was far greater than Analyze That, so I surely couldn’t recommend that one. Dirty Harry was great but I’ve never seen Magnum Force. Grumpy Old Men/Grumpier….well, I’ll just not say anything on that. The Box was pretty boring until the end. The Damned United was quite entertaining, […]

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Moneual Lab MonCaso 932B HTPC Chassis


Moneual continues producing relatively good chassis for the home theater PC market. Not amazing airflow in this one, but then again supporting MicroATX boards are not the most heat generating products in the world. And boy is it shiny.   RBMods As for noise, the MonCaso 600 is very quiet, even with the stock AMD fan for the X2 3800 […]

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TiVo: Cable is strangling our business with SDV

I have nothing but agreement with almost every claim from TiVo here given my own experiences (both professionally and personally) over cable’s switched digital video rollout across the country. If you think TiVo’s business is rough, imagine the many Media Center users who were left with black channels until the new ATI firmware came out and finally just supported the […]

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GeekTonic Reviews the GlideTV Navigator

You may recall our GlideTV Navigator review , but I always enjoy reading other expert reviews to get different perspectives. I agree with most everything Brent offers here, and he goes in detail as always. Just really wish it didn’t cost $150…still a cool device. GeekTonic If you go in thinking this device is going to be like your Logitech […]

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