TiVo: Cable is strangling our business with SDV

I have nothing but agreement with almost every claim from TiVo here given my own experiences (both professionally and personally) over cable’s switched digital video rollout across the country. If you think TiVo’s business is rough, imagine the many Media Center users who were left with black channels until the new ATI firmware came out and finally just supported the SDV adapters.

Ars Technica

But with the change to SDV, CableCARD becomes almost worthless. TiVo’s current models support CableCARD, but with no way to change channels, existing devices simply take up space in the living room. The cable industry wants TiVo to adopt its new "tru2way" middleware platform, but TiVo wants a "simpler and less restrictive approach." In addition, tru2way has basically gone nowhere since it was announced, while SDV is here today and affecting existing TiVo devices.