MSI Air Keyboard QWERTY TV controller outed


My buddy Pete Brown has to be loving all the keyboard news for today! Where as the Adesso keyboard is a much larger size, it looks like this one is battling against my favorite Dinovo Mini keyboard, being much smaller. Not sure how great the controls will be, but check the link for a video of it in action. Electric […]

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28-Seat Theater Fun for Everyone


Boy, I wish my apartment complex (any of them!) would have invested in something like this! Pretty sweet…hopefully they let their customers bring their own movies to really enjoy it!   EH For the audio, an in-wall Triad speaker system offers surround sound unobtrusively, and Marantz electronics and Elan controls provide the system’s functionality and ease of use. On the […]

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Adesso WKB-4200UB keyboard announced


This is nowhere close to small enough to replace my Dinovo Mini…but if you are on the boat that would prefer a full size keyboard then this might be an option for you. At $120 though, it’s not the cheapest option out there.   SlashGear The keyboard uses 2.4GHz wireless tech with 12 channels that it can change automatically to […]

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Cablevision To Test PC-To-TV Service

Pretty sure this is the first time I ever wished I was a Cablevision customer, but kudos to them for going against the norm. This seems like a cool idea, but I will withhold judgement until I see it in action. Multichannel "With our PC to TV Media Relay service, we are putting an end to the need for families […]

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How about a tuner card review to start your day? This one is combo so it isn’t scared by the switch to digital. Benchmark Reviews The recent switch from analog to digital television was mainly driven by the benefits of digital technology over its analog predecessor. Though digital television has become ubiquitous the conversion cannot be instantaneous, nor will analog […]

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