MSI Air Keyboard QWERTY TV controller outed


My buddy Pete Brown has to be loving all the keyboard news for today! Where as the Adesso keyboard is a much larger size, it looks like this one is battling against my favorite Dinovo Mini keyboard, being much smaller. Not sure how great the controls will be, but check the link for a video of it in action.

Electric Pig

The MSI Air Keyboard wireless remote might not be as ambitious as the Asus Eee Keyboard media centre, but if you’ve already got a PC plugged into the TV, it’s an essential peripheral – and one with an actual release date. It’s not as small as the incredible QWERTY remote for the upcoming Boxee Box, but this twin handed wireless keyboard is small enough to pop on your sofa armrest, and weights just 200g, with handy mouse buttons on the top, gamepad trigger style.