Ceton’s CableCARD tuner to work over the network too

Here’s an interesting twist to the upcoming cable card tuners announcements–just like the HDHomeRun, the Ceton tuners will be able to be network accessible. Unlike them however, the Ceton will need to be installed inside your system, so keep that in mind as well. Still good news! Engadget HD Ceton’s MOCUR should work as a networked tuner, according to a […]

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Thinkflood’s Redeye: A True iPhone Infrared Remote


  ThinkFlood’s RedEye The idea of an app for the iPhone that allows you to control your A/V equipment is not new, but Thinkflood is unique in that it adds hardware into the mix.  RedEye by Thinkflood attempts to convert the iPhone into an activity based learning infrared remote that is competative with the biggest players in the industry.  The infrared extender is similar in […]

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