February 23rd Blu-ray Releases

This must be the week of bundled sets of older releases. Analyze This was far greater than Analyze That, so I surely couldn’t recommend that one. Dirty Harry was great but I’ve never seen Magnum Force. Grumpy Old Men/Grumpier….well, I’ll just not say anything on that. The Box was pretty boring until the end. The Damned United was quite entertaining, but I am a soccer fan. And then finally, I’ll mention Dead Snow, which I honestly almost picked as the Pick of the Week–just something about Nazi Zombies and Gold that just made for such an entertaining horror flick. Alas…I went commercial…call me a sell out. Pick of the week is….

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week


Netflix users, start your 30 day wait. Everyone else, this is a pretty good movie and entertaining performance by Matt Damon. Not action or a classic like most of my picks, but still a quality movie. Basic plot, Damon plays an engineer who rats out his big corn employers to the feds, only it’s not so simple. It’s actually on the brighter side than most dramas and kept me interested throughout.