Choosing The HDTV That’s Right For You

It’s like HDGuru knew that Black Friday was around the corner so lots of people would be in the market to purchase new TVs!??!! Crazy, I know. So, get your learning hats ready and read this post before making that several hundred (or thousand) dollar investment. Lots of good tidbits from them, with pros and cons of almost anything you can think of when it comes to purchasing a TV today.


Standard LCDs have a 60 Hz refresh rate. The motion resolution comes in around 320 lines (per picture height) out of 1080 lines. 120 Hz refresh ups the motion resolution to around 600; while 240 Hz kicks it up to 900 lines or higher. There are circuits incorporated that create more frames to smooth motion, however they come with increased picture artifacts (see related story here link). If you want a LED or LCD TV with the best panel and most features then you automatically get 120 or 240 Hz refresh.