Introducing MadeforMediaCenter – The app store for Windows Media Center


One of the most difficult parts of Media Center for Windows has been the amount of effort it takes to find the proper plugins you need (hence why I started the Life with a Plugin series, to try to help). Well, with the help of fellow MVP Andrew Cherry, Ian Dixon has released a wonderful app which will make this task all the more easier, and even 10′ friendly!!



I want to introduce a project that has been consuming a lot of my time over the last few weeks: Made for Media Center is an app store for Windows Media Center. Developed with fellow MVP Andrew Cherry of Digital Living Solutions the app store aims to brings together the fantastic selection 3rd party Windows Media Center applications and make them available directly in the 10 foot UI. As well as being available in the Media Center UI there is also a web based version where you can browse, search and download the applications. The site is in private beta at the moment and we are looking for developers to help test the system and start submitting apps, then we will open a public beta.