TwonkyBeam – Zap Online Media to DLNA Capatible Devices Using Only Your Web Browser

If you’re familiar with the feature upcoming in Windows7 "PlayTo" that lets you stream your unprotected content across the web to your other Windows 7 PC’s, you know the limit is that you need Windows 7. Twonky Media isn’t waiting for that and are releasing their own browser based streaming to work on pretty much anything. Pretty cool.


TwonkyBeam, as the video below will demonstrate, is a FREE plug-in for Windows Internet Explorer 6.0+ (Firefox and Mac support planned) that allows you to zap media from any web site that has photo, music, or video content directly to a DLNA / UPnP compatible device. In the video you’ll see how TwonkyBeam can send an MP3 track from to a Sonos Music Player, Flickr photos to a digital media adapter and photo frame, and a video to a digital media adapter or network enabled TV.