HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #392

Here’s another podcast for you weekend fans, from the Home Theater guys. Covering the very recently buzzed Gigabit Powerline adapters from Belkin.


HDTV Magazine

With so many devices connecting to the Internet these days we like to see products like Powerline Ethernet adapters come to market. In general the technology has improved vastly since our first review back in 2006. At that time we reviewed a product that was rated at 85Mbps and we were lucky if we got 10 Mbps. More recently we reviewed the HomeNet Powerline Adapter (Podcast 358 Audio Only) which was rated at 200Mbps. The HomeNet was actually pretty close to the 85Mbps that the first product was rated at. Â So imagine our excitement when we heard about the Gigabit Adapter from Belkin (Model # F5D4076). Unfortunately our excitement ended shortly after we took the adapters out of the box.