20,000 Leauges Under Your Home Theater


This is extreme. It’s like if you asked a 10 year old to design a theater based on his favorite movie it would look something like this. WAY too busy for my liking, but you have to appreciate the attention to detail. But I don’t know, I’d want something else for $100,000!!


Stuff NZ

Wayne Eyre has turned part of his Spencerville property into a wrecked submarine featuring "plutonium-leaking" torpedoes, at a cost of $100,000. In the rusting interior of the submarine, which appears to have beached on a deserted island, Eyre has all the creature comforts reclining chairs, a three-metre big-screen TV and a top-notch surround-sound system. Customwood has been sprayed with concrete and painted to resemble rusting steel beams, while plastic sheets have been melted to give the impression of bent steel ripped apart when the submarine hit an island. Speakers emit sonar and ocean sounds throughout the 12-metre by 5.5m room.