Hauppauge to Sell CableCard Tuners by End of 2009

The market for CableCard tuners has yet to develop but their is competition on the horizon with one of the big boys ready to release a tuner by the end of 2009. Good for Hauppauge! Hopefully their drivers will be on par when they release the hardware. Now let us see if third party software makers, we are looking at you Sage, can get CableCard tuners to work.

Gear Log

Great news, but how will you, an enthusiast, ever get your hands on the darn things? According to Ken Plotkin, CEO of leading tuner manufacturer Hauppauge Computer Works, his company will sell a TV tuner at retail by the end of the year. This probably means that other manufacturers will be quick to join; watch for CableCard tuners from AVerMedia and DViCo, and the crazy multichannel CableCard from Ceton Corp, which Engadget recently spent some quality hands-on time with.