Blockbuster announces cable VOD tie-ups, expanding CinemaNow OnDemand deal

Looks like Blockbuster isn’t giving up without a fight. I think these types of collaboration deals are good for all parties involved, and we’ve seen CinemaNow do a good job in the past with Media Center plugins, so hopefully this will help keep them both afloat.


As a part of its "transformation to a Multi-Channel Brand" Blockbuster continues to use its name recognition to reach new markets, simultaneously trumpeting the success of a partnership with CinemaNow, resulting in Blockbuster OnDemand on Samsung HDTVs, Blu-ray players, as well as other hardware and soon, Motorola phones, while also easing into the cable video on-demand arena. In deals with Suddenlink and Mediacom via their VOD provider, Avail-TVN, they’ll start off slowly by rebranding parts of their VOD service under the Blockbuster name, do some cross-promotion and then eventually take their relationship to the next level by allowing customers to search the rental giant’s Blu-ray and DVD library for movies that might not be on VOD right now.