Ace Computers to release $999 CableCard HTPC

A $1000 price tage for a CableCard equipped HTPC really won’t break down any barriers in the HTPC world.Let’s face it, if you are out shopping a TiVo looks a lot more attractive in terms of price than an HTPC. In my opinion, releasing tuners that are reasonably priced for all major TV sources would be a much better way to increase adoption rates.

Of course I shouldn’t complain when prices come down. For just under a grand, you can expect an AMD tri-core or Intel E7300 setup with a couple of gigs of ram and an internal digital cable tuner.


Both come with the latest version of Windows Vista Home Premium, which ships with Windows Media Center built in. That latest version is an OEM-only upgrade that finally brings CableCard support to Windows Media Center. You can spend an extra $100 on a Blu-ray drive, and the acoustically dampened case also supports an additional ATI Digital Cable Tuner for recording even more programming. (That version of the LMS 250 costs $1,249.) Ace is definitely making a statement by lowering the price of a CableCard-compatible HTPC under $1,000. But will that be enough to broaden the HTPC market as more companies try to bring elements of the PC into the home theater through other devices?