Ace Computers to release $999 CableCard HTPC

A $1000 price tage for a CableCard equipped HTPC really won’t break down any barriers in the HTPC world.Let’s face it, if you are out shopping a TiVo looks a lot more attractive in terms of price than an HTPC. In my opinion, releasing tuners that are reasonably priced for all major TV sources would be a much better way […]

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Auzentech Home Theater HD

Auzen is finally tauting their new HD audio sound card. Card supposedly should be out in January some time and will have fully compliant HDMI 1.3 capabilty as well as toslink/spdif connections in a pci-x package!   (For a mere 1 billion dollars … j/k)   HDMI v1.3a Compliant, 24p Compatible, Non-Downsampling, Native PCI Express Soundcard The Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater […]

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Hulu and XBMC


Hulu has been a very elusive creature on our beloved HTPCs. Sure we can hop on PCs to get slightly outdated shows but we are a picky bunch on want to do everything with a remote :). Sure there is Boxee, the social crotch fruit of XBMC, but that isn’t available to everyone and has a ways to go. XBMC, […]

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