jinni Review

A few of you may seen my "HTPC – Start page" blog a little while ago. In that post I was trying to decribe a move away from the traditional menu based system for your "start page" and move towards a system of recommendations, social aspects and interacting with newly added media such as music, movies and TV. Boxee has […]

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How to Enable Concurrent Sessions in Windows 7


GUIDE REPLACED: JULY 22, 2009 – GO HERE FOR THE NEW GUIDE FOR WINDOWS 7 SP1 BUILD Guide Updated: May 2, 2009 – Included support for 7100 RC Build of Windows7 One of the most popular articles ever at MissingRemote.com has been our guide on how to enable Concurrent Sessions for Windows Vista. For those unaware of what it is, […]

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Community News Contest


First off, let me thank the individuals who have contributed to the Community News. Secondly, I had better explain a bit more what community news is. Community News replaces our old user submitted news with a tweak or two :). Every post that is submitted using the submit news button to the right (you have to be registered to see […]

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WHS PP2 & V2 Revealed

Looks like PP2 will be released later this year and WHS v2 is slated for 2010.  There’s some good information in the article, including their admitted struggle with how to correctly market WHS.   So far the only feature announced for Vail is support for Windows 7 Homegroups. Although you can back up a Windows 7 PC to a Home […]

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