How to Enable Concurrent Sessions in Windows 7



Guide Updated: May 2, 2009 – Included support for 7100 RC Build of Windows7

One of the most popular articles ever at has been our guide on how to enable Concurrent Sessions for Windows Vista. For those unaware of what it is, Concurrent Sessions allows you to
Remote Desktop into a system that someone else is on, under a different user account, and access the system without kicking the user off. I,
for example, use the feature to have MCE running on my Television, and
then I remote into my main user account to access all my files without
interrupting my MCE session.



All kudos go out to the fellas who made this possible so
quickly–Pinobigbird, untermensch and cocoa. Way to go! Hopefully they
can maintain an update if the release of Win7 changes things. As of May 2nd, the guy to thank is ShipIt, who posted his file originally at . Thanks to all who continue to support this amazing feature!!



The following files and instructions are provided to you
at your OWN RISK!! Understand that it is replacing important files, and
as always, anything can happen. That being said, if you do have a
problem, we have a fantastic community here to help you




First, you will need to download the appropriate files which have been
conveniently wrapped together by the aforementioned folks. For your
convenience, I’ve re-compressed the files into a zip folder available
for Download The File Below (login required).

EDIT 5/2/09: If you are using RC Build of Windows7 (Build 7100), use “Win7RDP/” available below (login required)


Once downloaded, extract that file into a directory. Right click on the Install.cmd file and select Run As Administrator


 If you executed the command successfully, you should see this screen.


As of now, this has been tested and confirmed working on Windows 7
build 7000 that most of you probably have thanks to Microsoft, so
Enjoy! If anyone gets a newer version that this does NOT work in,
please let us know!



For 99.9% of folks, the above steps will be exactly what they are
looking for. However, if you want to customize the abilities a bit,
there are certain command strings you can run in addition. To do so,
you will need to open a Command Prompt with Administrator Privileges
(Start > Run > CMD > Right Click "Run As Administrator"). The
other available options are: 


-?  Show this help
help  Save as -?
multi  Enable multiple sessions per user
blank  Enable remote log on for user accounts that are not password protected


So you would change to the folder where you extracted the zip and
execute the command. For example, if you wanted to Enable multiple
sessions per user, you would run the following:

C:\Concurrent_RDP_Win7_Beta_7000> install -multi

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  • Hi
    This is exactly what I am


    This is exactly what I am searching for. However, Im using win7_7600_32bit windows, I cannot use the two attachment for concurrent user session. If you could help me correct these things out I would really appreciate it.

    Please help me I needed so badly, earlier the better.


  • I had the same problem. I

    I had the same problem. I took a snapshot on my VM and just changed 2 lines at the top of the install.cmd file

    SET PRODUCTNAME=”Windows 7 Ultimate”


    Changed the productname to Enterprise and Currentbuild to 7600, it worked flawlessly so far. 
  • Hi,
    I downloaded the file but


    I downloaded the file but when I go to open it it tells me the file is invalid.  Any way someone could verify the file is available for download and contains the files which are supposed to be included

  • I tried what hehehodo wrote,

    I tried what hehehodo wrote, but now my PC gives blue screen errors. The eventviewer gives this log:

        BugcheckCode 30
        BugcheckParameter1 0xffffffffc0000047
        BugcheckParameter2 0xfffff800030ee034
        BugcheckParameter3 0x19
        BugcheckParameter4 0xfffff88010f8f0d8
        SleepInProgress false
        PowerButtonTimestamp 0
    Is there someone who can help me out?
    Sorry for the bad English!
  • i tried both of the zip files

    i tried both of the zip files and could not open either

  • Worked perfectly on my

    Worked perfectly on my Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600. Had to tweak the “install.cmd” file in 2 places at the top to match the OS version build.


    Thank you so much for the resources and the tip 😉

  • I unzipped both SP0 and SP1

    I unzipped both SP0 and SP1 Win 7 Con to two folders within a main folder, labeled WIN7SP0CU and WIN7SP1CU.  In my main folder, I have an installer .bat file.  I pulled code from the install.cmd to find the current build (7600 and I think 7670? havent checked on SP1 machine), and Id like to simply switch between install.cmd files in either folder depending on the build.  Q? How do I extract just the build number from:

    CurrentBuild    REG_SZ    7600

    and do and if statement to switch




    From there, I would just include an “install.cmd” line and my life would be great 😀  Thanks!  (Complete newbie to bat/cmd programming)


  • OMG “it works” “it works” “it

    OMG “it works” “it works” “it works” on ma 7600 machine…. AWESOME is the only word thanks a lot for this crack thans thanks thanks love u….

  • Concurrent Sessions works

    Concurrent Sessions works great! 

    However, has anyone seen issues with this causing the “Start the following program on connection” option not to work ? 

  • biswajeet.patra

    i am using windows 7

    i am using windows 7 professional can it be possible in windows 7 professional,


    please help me.

  • biswajeet.patra

    Windows 7

    Windows 7 Professional

    Microsoft windows version 6.1

    buid-7601:Service pack 1


    Source Folder is C:Documents and SettingsacerDesktopConcurrent_RDP_Win7_Beta



    Taking ownership of C:WindowsSystem32termsrv.dll


    SUCCESS: The file (or folder): “C:WindowsSystem32termsrv.dll” now owned by th

    e administrators group.

    Granting Administrators rights

    processed file: C:WindowsSystem32termsrv.dll

    Successfully processed 1 files; Failed processing 0 files

    Stopping Remote Desktop Services

    The following services are dependent on the Remote Desktop Services service.

    Stopping the Remote Desktop Services service will also stop these services.


       Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector


    The Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector service is stopping..

    The Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector service was stopped success



    The Remote Desktop Services service is stopping.

    The Remote Desktop Services service was stopped successfully.


            1 file(s) copied.

    Copying “C:Documents and SettingsacerDesktopConcurrent_RDP_Win7_Beta_7000Co

    ncurrent_RDP_Win7_Beta_700032_termsrv.dll” to “C:WindowsSystem32termsrv.dll”


            1 file(s) copied.

    Enabling RDP

    The operation completed successfully.

    Setting fSingleSessionPerUser to 1

    The operation completed successfully.

    Setting LimitBlankPasswordUser to 1

    The operation completed successfully.

    Configuring Remote Desktop in Windows Firewall


    Updated 2 rule(s).



    Starting Remote Desktop Services

    The Remote Desktop Services service is starting.

    The Remote Desktop Services service could not be started.


    A system error has occurred.


    System error 126 has occurred.


    The specified module could not be found.


    Pausing 5 seconds to give service time to start listening

    Checking if Service is listening on port 3389

    Service is not listening


    Press any key to continue . . .


    please help…

    now tell me wht to do??



    Biswajeet Patra

  • Works for me on my window7

    Works for me on my window7 ultimate build 7601.  64 bitCool

    Now 3 guys r developing on a Single Solid Desktop Machine. 

    You made my day.

  • I’ve noticed on Windows

    I’ve noticed on Windows Update recently that there is an optional Windows Update KB2592687, which upgrades Remote Desktop to Protocol 8.0, enabling the new Remote Desktop Services features. I haven’t attempted to install the upgrade, as no doubt it will break the patch for concurrent sessions.

    No one has mentioned the Windows Update here. Does anyone know if a new patch has been developed which will work after the Windows Update is installed, or is it just the case that you should refrain from installing the Windows Update?

  • Edit the install and change

    Edit the install and change the version of 7100 to whatever version your on, it will work.

  • I’m not able to open the

    I’m not able to open the link. I get a message saying the link is bad or archived.  Is there an update? Thanks!