My Experience Using HP’s Server Recovery


For those of you that read my Home Server challenge review , you will know that I have been living with HP’s original EX475 for several months now and have really had fun playing with it, and of course upgrading its memory to be a wonderful and reliable server. I had since taken the system and replaced all three of […]

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BoxeeTV – Day 2 – Using and Loving


Following up on part one of setup of Boxee on AppleTV , is the actual living and using the software in a home theater environment. Luckily my receiver has multiple inputs, so I didn’t necessarily have to CHOOSE to migrate 100% over to Boxee, as I still have a need for my cablecard and blu-ray abilities that my main Media […]

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Defining The Fight

There has been a bit of hub bub in the Media Center world with Chris Lanier lashing out against Microsoft for lack of online content and the apparent lack of market focus Media Center has. Posts can be found on his blog here . With that came a number of response from various other ehome blogs such as Ian Dixon […]

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SageMC does touch too!

What doesn’t SageMC do? It can now be used from touchscreen just like the custom Media Center installations, take that Microsoft! 😉   The SageMC Touchscreen Interface plugin adds a control bar to SageMC intended to provide touchscreen users with the following touchscreen buttons::  Back, Home, Stop Play/Pause, Skip back/fwd, Skip back2/fwd2, Record, Sleep, and Fullscreen. Also, in the Video […]

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Windows 7 Media Center – Music Library

  The music library, a place where an HTPC application can live or die. Microsoft has managed to keep the music library in good health with a few needed tweaks but has failed to take it to the Olympic level. Let me start by saying I think Microsoft has really shined with their music library. All of the possible sorts […]

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Stirring The Pot

Chris Lanier likes to stir the pot a bit, what I like to call a tough love for Windows Media Center. His opinion is centered around a perceived shift in Microsoft’s strategy to TV on the PC rather that whole home entertainment. It is a good read that raises a few interesting points. However, one has to be careful when […]

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