Stirring The Pot

Chris Lanier likes to stir the pot a bit, what I like to call a tough love for Windows Media Center. His opinion is centered around a perceived shift in Microsoft’s strategy to TV on the PC rather that whole home entertainment. It is a good read that raises a few interesting points. However, one has to be careful when coaching from the confines of your chair, you never know what the actual quarterback has up their sleeves.

That in itslef is a good point, Microsoft needs to let us know what plays they are running :).

Chris Lanier

“TV on your PC” is Microsoft’s new marketing talk for what Media Center is and does (hear it from Media Center marketing PM Ben Reed here ~30 seconds in) . Not whole home connected entertainment, not Media Center in your living room, not Extenders, not high-end theaters, but “TV on your PC.” In other words, the days of Media Center being billed as the do-it-all center of your home are over (except for the custom market).

Ian Dixon’s blog response can be found here . I have a blog coming in the next week on what Microsoft can do to help the enthusiast Media Center out.