GBPVR Update

GBPVR may not be the sexiest in the world but for a free peice of software, they have a VERY stable PVR experience. Brent @ Geek Tonic has the scoop on the latest update. Below is a msall part of the change log.


  • fixed a couple of problem with multi-record (recordings that could
    continue recording after they were supposed to stop, and recordings
    that could try to record on the wrong frequency when there was a
    back-to-back recording with only a padding overlap)
  • fixed a problem with .ts playback on files over 4GB
  • fixed a problem that could cause slow half speed audio
  • added logic to only try multi-record when no encrypted channels were being recorded with the device
  • fixed a problem with metadata or cover art not updating in some situations
  • fixed
    a bug where multiple video/music library directories are defined, and
    folder.jpg wouldnt be shown in icon view for the top level