Windows 7 Beta Threads

There are a couple of threads over at The Green Button that discuss Windows 7. The first one, the one I find most interesting, is using the Xbox 360 as an extender for W7MC. Good news is that DivX, Xvid and H.264 files all work :). mkv files did not work but once it was remuxed to a m2ts container, it did play.

Extender Thread @ TGB

I actually connected my X360 to my W7MC and tried to play a H.264 file and was prompt to install an update from Microsoft to my X360… After the install, H.264 played without issues… Currenttly, I’m running my W7 box with no additional codecs and have been mostly happy with the exception of the video being somewhat dark on my X360.

The second thread talks about the newest beta to hit the street and what sort of problems people are having.

Windows 7 Beta Thread

We can list all our problems with it here, as for people like me who won’t be in the official Media Center beta program , hopefully MS will see this thread and take note of us. I’d like to keep this thread fairly structured so if you have an issue then start your post with ISSUE or REQUEST etc. Maybe we should have FEEDBACK as a heading as well if you want to report something that is working well! If any of the problems you have noticed in previous builds are still there in build 7000 then please feel free to repost them here as well.