GMC AVC-K1 ‘Muse’ Media PC Case

Although it’s a tower style case and not a desktop style, I like the looks of the front facade.  With 4 HDD bays internal and 2 optical bays external and the ability to fit a full ATX board inside, this case should be able to house a very nice system.


This case will be very appealing to the enthusiast who wants a modded case, but doesn’t want to put in all that work.  PC enthusiasts who prefer windowed cases or water-cooling features may pass on the K1, even though it has killer looks.  PC enthusiasts usually spend an unusual amount of money on flashy heatsinks and RAM with blinky LEDs, and they want to show it off.  These users will be turned off by the fact that the K1 does not have a pre-installed window, but could be challenged to add a window.