New AACS cracks cannot be revoked, says hacker

The faithful crusaders of the black hat are at it yet again. That's right. Yet more cracked AACS news. Seems like that's all we hear these days. Anyhow, it looks like this one is rather significant (aren't they all?).

Ars Technica

Although AACS has proven much more difficult to fully crack than the copy protection on regular DVDs, it is unlikely to remain only partially cracked for very long. The real problem with trying to create an "uncrackable" copy protection is that the media must come with the keys used to decrypt it somewhere on the device and the media itself. Hiding these keys in different places—security by obscurity—merely delays the inevitable. Of course, for the content providers, any delay is still better than no delay at all, so expect the battles between copy protection and hackers to continue.