ZigBee’s Benefits for Home Automation

This podcast features a couple of folks from Control 4 talking about Zigbee, the new wireless home automation protocol. A good listen if you are interested in delving into the HA world.

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Adding a home automation system to an existing home used to require tearing out drywall, installing thousands of feet of wire and surviving the battle of the mess and endless dust. John Yoon, VP of marketing, and Wally Barnham, a technical lead at Control4, educate Brad Baldwin on the reasons ZigBee provides the right wireless standard for home automation. Aimed primarily at monitoring and control rather than data transfer, ZigBee filled an important role to interface wirelessly to lighting, climate, and other systems. Just like WiFi became a popular consumer brand to represent the IEEE 802.11 standard, ZigBee is the moniker for IEEE 802.15.4.