Updated: Big Screen Headlines v0.8.5

Big Screen Headlines for Vista plugin has been updated. This was one of the first addins to really show off the new Vista app interface at its finest. Here are some of the changes:


Whats New/Changed in v0.8.5

This is a minor update – (again) not too much changed, and mainly to allow beta users to keep using this product after tonight.
Here's a quick summary of what was changed :

– Extended Trial Period : The new trial expiry date has been set to 1-June-2007. (another 3 months extension)

– Partial Support for Media RSS Feeds : Using
this new feature – you can now browse (some) feeds where streaming
Media is supplied (for Media RSS Feeds – the streaming links don't come
up as Enclosures – so the previous version didn't support this). This
works well with MSN Soapbox as they provide a URL to a streaming WMV video – however it doesn't work with sites that force you to use their own custom player (ie Google Video / You Tube etc).

– Added some new presets (this Blog for example – which wasn't in previous versions) – plus more importantly – there's a new section in presets 'MSN Soapbox' with links to a number of the popular video feeds (ie. Most Popular, Highest Rated, Comedy, Music, Movies etc etc).

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