Toshiba drops HD DVD MSRP, effective 4/1/07

Not content to let Blu-ray walk away with the format war, Toshiba is set to make anothe round of price drops on its HD DVD players. For the small sum of $399 you can walk away with the A2, for $499 the A20 and the XA2 for $799. It is starting to look more affordable all of the time :).


At just about the one year anniversary of the format war, it looks like Toshiba is throwing the next punch. HD DVD will be one step closer to that magic price point of $299, with that latest update of the MSRP of their HD DVD players. According to a few retailers at the AVSFroum on April 1st Toshiba will change the MSRP and the least expensive model; the A2 will now have an MSRP of $399.