Superna Shows Home Automation Gadgets for SideShow

SideShow came in with a boom. Everyone was excited at the possibilities of what SideShow could offer. However, here we are several weeks later and nary a device in site. I would have expected home automation to be one of the features to take advantage of SideShow, but Sperna is here to prove me wrong.

From the article:

Gampel said that Superna is unique in its ability to stream media
across a variety of formats, including Vista, Media Center, XP and

Superna demonstrated the flexibility of its system at EHX, where a
Vista Media Center PC was "pushing" television content to a remote
television via an inexpensive Linux settop box.

Gampel explained that the cross-platform communications is innovative, but the fact that content can actually be pushed to a remote TV, rather than requested from a TV is an especially complicated feat.

From one touchscreen, a user can select a TV show or song to send to any TV on the network.