MythTV and TiVo Series 3 Comparison: Part 2

Doing a comparison of any Linux project and a proprietart software is sure way to get the flames going. In fact, John even took the time to respond to this article with a blog post of his own. This time DVRPlayground is back again to answer some of the questions posed by the readers.

From the article:

For instance, if you use a CableCARD to obtain your HD programming, you
cannot use MythTV as there are no PC TV Tuners that accept CableCARDs
while the Series 3 supports two CableCARDs for dual-tuner
functionality. If you are able to watch HD programming on your cable
system without needing a CableCARD or other Digital Cable Tuner, Series
3 and MythTV will work fine provided you get a PC TV Tuner that
supports QAM. Finally, FCC has passed a regulation in the US that if
you have a HD subscription and a HD cable box that at your request you
can get a cable box with working firewire and you can setup up the
firewire connection as a tuner for MythTV. The cable company can
encrypt your HD broadcasts rendering this method of recording HD
through MythTV useless by saying that all HD broadcasts are premium
services and therefore can be encrypted.