Netgear Releases News Digital Entertainer HD

Is it an extender for any of the major PVR projects? No? I pronounce this DOA! I have to say it looks like a solid product but without support for a major PVR/media center software package, it just doesn't interest me.

Press Release:

The Digital Entertainer HD automatically discovers HD movies, TV shows,
music files, and personal photos on a home network, across multiple
computers, and organizes these into a single media library displayed on
a TV without the need for media server software running on the
computer. Users of the innovative Digital Entertainer HD can play HD
movie downloads, including those from BitTorrent™’s new online
marketplace, as well as stream HD movies and Internet videos to their
TV from Web sites such as YouTube. The Digital Entertainer HD also
accesses photos directly from Flickrâ„¢ without a computer. It enables
music lovers to enjoy an improved audio experience by listening to
their iTunes libraries and iPod®s on their home theater system. The
Digital Entertainer HD even plays Internet radio directly and can
access RSS news feeds and NOAA weather and maps.