Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC

The new generation of UMPCs must have some sort of application in the A/V/media center world. Perhaps as an expensive remote? Or small HTPC client? I am not sure but I sure would like to get my hands on one and fool around with it for awhile!

From the article:

At risk of life and limb, we got up close and personal with Samsung's second generation UMPC: the Q2 Q1 Ultra. What did we find? Nothing, the Q1 Ultra, Ultra Mobile PC (so nice, they named it twice?) is exactly what we heard. Still, in what may be a first, this
UMPC actually looks better in person than it does in the collateral. We
couldn't actually get hands-on with the unit. For that we'll have to
wait until tomorrow. We're dying to know about the chipset powering the
Vista Home Premium pre-load. In the mean time, check the pics and
official specs in the gallery below.