Movie Gallery Plans Online Video Rentals

There are a lot of early players getting into the online movie rental market. Movie Gallery, owners of Hollywood Video, have announced the plan to enter the market before the end of 2007. This service is aimed to compliment their existing B&M stores. I personally like the choice of renting online or from the store. However, they really have not gotten the clue that users want end to end management of their media. I guess that is a rant for another time.

Digital Trends

It's not clear how the MovieBeam acquisition will factor into Movie Gallery's online plans; if we had to guess, we'd say Movie Gallery will ditch the comparatively low bandwidth over-the-air transmission methodology which relies on a custom set-top box for a system which relies on customers' existing home broadband connection and Windows Media for video-on-demand and faster downloads. Perhaps MovieBeam's backend systems will help Movie Gallery jump into that space more quickly.