Blu-ray Disk Sales Ahead OF HD DVD

Are the format wars starting to see a victor arise from the muddy trenches? Well according to InfoWeek, BD sales are up over HD DVD for the second month in a row. Not surprisingly, the PS3 plays a large part in these numbers.

From the article:

Since the week ended Jan. 7, Blu-ray sales have ranged from a low of 63.3% to a high of 69.6%, VideoScan said Tuesday. On the week ended Feb. 18, the latest figures available, Blu-ray accounted for 65% of the market, compared with HD DVD's 35%.

VideoScan declined to draw any conclusions from the numbers, but starting about two weeks after the release of Sony's PlayStation 3 videogame console, which includes a Blu-ray DVD player, the high definition format steadily grabbed market share from HD-DVD. Sony, which created the Blu-ray format, released PlayStation in the United States on Nov. 17.