The VCR Media Center PC


I gotta be honest, this doesn't impress me nearly these days as it did when I first saw these types of mods about 3-4 years ago. But nowadays, with all the HTPC cases available, both small & full form factor, and that look sexier, this just doesn't seem to be necessary. But still kudos for doing it. I still want to see an HTPC inside a nice looking Amp

He frankensteined together a "ViVo", which is a Vista Media Center PC on a Celeron D 3.0 with a 250GB hard drive all running inside, you guessed it, a Panasonic VCR.

The only thing visibly different from the outside is the addition of a fan, and the fact that the VCR slot is actually a disc slot to pop out the DVD drive! Awesome, in a retro way—sort of like being able to go back in time and defile Marilyn Monroe's corpse while it was still warm.




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