Details leak out about Nvidia’s Intel IGP chipsets


If you aren't interested in big screen gaming, integrated graphics will serve the purpose for most HTPCs. That is if they are powerful enough to drive HD video. For example, the 6150 based chipset does a fine job up to a certain resolution and farts out after that. Thats why with great interested I am following the details for Nvidia's next IGP. Sometime next spring you can expect Nvidia to release a new chipset supporting HDMI with HDCP .

From the article:

According to their information, which was passed on to the site by chatty motherboard manufacturers, Nvidia will launch an MCP73 integrated graphics chipset in the second quarter of 2007. The MCP73 will be an all-in-one chip, and it will include a G72-based graphics core (similar to the one in GeForce 7300 graphics cards) with HDMI output and HDCP copy protection support. Also among the MCP73's rumored specs will be a 1066MHz front-side bus, single-channel DDR2-667 memory support, PCI Express x8 and x1 expansion, support for four 300MB/s Serial ATA ports and one ATA port, and Gigabit Ethernet.

The MCP73 isn't the only Intel IGP on Nvidia's roadmap, though. Supposedly scheduled for the first quarter of 2008 is an MCP79 chipset that will include a GeForce 8-based graphics core and 1333MHz front-side bus.