Xbox360 HD DVD Playback

If there is a hack… there is a way. I wonder if companies actually think people won't find work around for getting non-pc parts to work on PCs. Latest on the hit list is the ability to use the $200 HD DVD add on with a XP enabled PC. As of right now, file browsing is confirmed and playback is spotty at best.

From the article:

The same day the XBOX360 HD-DVDROM Addon was released to the
public in USA, we at blueprint figured out how to use it in windows,
now as of this moment, officially, the movie
that came with the hardware "King Kong" is currently a Dual Layer
(30GB) disc so it would appear the studios are aiming for that size
minimally for the majority of movies to start off with at least, this
of course mean's you will not be directly copying any hd-dvd's as of
yet. However, the most important thing is were now able to read the UDF
(Universal Disc Filesystem) v2.5 which is currently used by the Toshiba
Corp with there first generation HD-DVDRom drives. You can see the
entire contents of the HD-DVD Media when in the drive.