PS3–The Blu-ray Movie Experience

The PS3 may have received a lot of baad press, but its flexibility may make up for that in the long run. Its not quite as media friendly as the Xbox 360 but the fact that it has a built in Blu-ray player AND you can install Linux on it may mack up for that. The PS3 just screams as the ultimate DIY media machine. I could ramble on about that all day, lets get to the story at hand. PC World takes a look the Blu-ray experience offered by the PS3. This is an article clearly worth reading if you intend for your PS3 to be a Blu-ray player.

From the article:

I tested both players with a 50-inch high-definition plasma screen, the
Pioneer Elite PRO-FHD1, running the output over HDMI at 1080p. I could
see that the images from the PlayStation 3 appeared noticeably sharper
and crisper, with more depth and detail than the Samsung unit produced.
That's probably because the BD-P1000 was released with noise reduction
enabled by default and offered no way to disable it. Samsung's misstep
on this setting goes far to account for the flat-looking image, and for
the generally lower picture quality that I and other reviewers noted on
the BD-P1000 during the summer. (The company says this problem has been
fixed via a firmware update released at the end of October; all players
shipped since then have the new firmware.)