Getting Started With Home Automation Lighting Control (Part 3)

Chris Lanier continues his series of Home Automation control with
MCE. Today he talks a bit about setting up macros and posts his thoughts
about what is missing from the product. It certainly sounds like a
cheap and effective way to control your house from your chair. I am
very interested in setting this up as well and will post my thoughts on
it when I get it setup.

From the article:

Home Security
IP Cameras are one thing, but lighting can also improve your home
security. Let’s say you are going on vacation, how about setting up
mControl to turn on your lighting at somewhat random times during the
day to give your home a “lived in look”?
You can do this very easily with mControl on a per day basis, per time
basis, etc. You can even include a “Randomness” factor so that the
lights don’t turn on everyday at the 8:00PM on the dot. Set
“Randomness” to 15 minutes and they might come on at 7:45PM, 8:15PM,
etc. Very nice, and those stupid plug-in timers are no longer needed.
There are endless possibilities when you apply home automation to
security, just let your imagination run with them and mControl can help