Control Your Home with the New BuLogics IPTV Interface

Controlling your home with an IPTV/MPEG4 stream is something I have not heard of until I came across this story. The real kicker is that you are able to navigate the streaming interface with any TV and remote. THe multi-cast H.264 stream can be transmitted through out the house with Ethernet or existing phone wiring using HPNA 1.0 and 2.0. BaseCamp uses Z-Wave enabled technologies for the control of your house such as lights or thermostat control.

This is a very interesting product that could greatly impact adoption of HA in more houses.

From the article:

"BuLogics is focused on delivering next-generation wireless home control
technologies that are easily accessible to the mainstream market from a cost and
usability standpoint," said Ryan Buchert, president and COO of BuLogics. "We
chose MPEG-4 AVC codec for our latest interface because this standard enables
significantly higher quality video with relatively low bandwidth requirements.
Because the new interface is based on this technological standard, IPTV service
providers can easily integrate BaseCamp CS home automation into their existing
bundle, giving their subscribers a more complete lifestyle experience."