Best Buy’s Magnolia Picks Up Control4

You can now expect to see Control4 in Best Buy's Magnolia stores. Currently Control4 sells through tweeters and have been involved with Circuit City in test trials. There is a lot of bread at stake in the housing market. Out of the 1.5 million homes that will be constructed next year, only 4 to 6 percent of them will be completed with some form of home automation. Its clearly a growth market…. Is it time to buy stock?

From the article:

"They are right up our alley," Control4 CEO Will West said of Magnolia. "They
are one of the leading companies in proven custom installations at a
process-driven retail level. They're not just pushing boxes but working with
clients to create customized offerings that fit their needs and lifestyles."

Magnolia recently agreed to carry Exceptional Innovations' Life|ware home
control solutions, a direct Control4 competitor, in two new stores in Santa
Clara and Santa Monica, Calif. Magnolia eventually plans to roll out the
Life|ware solution to its other locations. The retailer has no immediate plans
to sell either line through its Magnolia outlets within Best Buy locations.