Akimbo Adds Digital Trends Videos

Another feather in the hat for IPTV viewers, Akimbo will now be hosting Digital Trend videos for Akimbo subscribers. Does anyone subscribe to exclusive internet TV? Not IPTV for your Teleco, but true TV from the 'net like Akimbo. I don't think the selection is quite there yet, but it certainly is fun to browse through Google Videos on my HTPC.

From the article:

For $9.99 a month, Akimbo offers its subscribers on-demand access to
more than 13,000 videos, including a mainstream movies, TV programs, and series,
as well as niche programming and videos spanning roughly 100 categories. Akimbo
is currently available via the RCA Akimbo set-top box (which retails for about
$200)—but that's not the only way to go. Folks with Windows Media Center 2005 PCs can
find Akimbo in the Online Spotlight area, and folks with AT&T's Homezone
service will soon be
able to access Akimbo content