TiVo Series3 HD DVR

The biggest PVR news of the year has to be the TiVo series 3 release. To be honest, I still have sticker shock. It is hard to take a product seriously that is going to cost you a significant amount more then say a Direct TV PVR or even a five dollar a month cable DVR. The dual HD recording, commercial skip, and the ever growing internet features look good. However, I can do all of that with an HTPC.

From the article:

But for those who aren't conversant in all things TiVo, let's recap:
TiVo is, at heart, everything you've always wanted from your VCR. You
can pause whatever you're watching for as long as 30 minutes. When you
return, you can fast-forward to skip commercials. While viewing live
TV, you're able to rewind in order to catch something that you missed,
or you can watch the action in slow motion. Pressing the record button
saves the program to the hard drive. But it's in managing your TV
viewing schedule that the TiVo really excels. The TiVo service delivers
a complete program guide for all cable and satellite providers. You can
search the guide for upcoming shows by title, subject, actor, director,
time, and channel. The box will record upcoming shows that match the
search criteria (via TiVo's Wish Lists), and the Season Pass feature
arranges to record all showings of your favorite series based on
variables you set. For instance, you can record The Simpsons or Law and Order whenever they air, be they old episodes in syndication, first-run prime-time episodes, or both.