Sony’s BDZ-V7 and BDZ-V9 Blu-ray and hard drive recorders

The value priced Blu-ray recorders from Sony are to set to hit Japan in December. Both models have dual digital tuners and a single analog tuner capable of recording two shows at once. The high end unit has a bevy of beautiful features that include 1080p output, PSP transfer, and DLNA streaming. The usual connection suspects are present including HDMI, i.Link, and USB.

From the article: 

With the right NTT cellphone you can schedule recordings from anywhere, but at home owners will enjoy the slick PSP-style XMB crossbar menu like other Sony products.
The high-end BDZ-V9 is the only choice if you must have 1080p output,
DLNA streaming to connected PCs or compatible displays and video
conversion to MPEG-4 to transfer directly to a PSP. All the connections
you'd expect are a go, including HDMI out, plus i.Link and USB inputs
to hook up digicams and make as many sentimental James
Blunt-soundtracked slideshows as you can with the included x-Pict Story
HD software. The BDZ-V9 will set buyers back a cool ¥300,000 ($2,543
US) or so on December 8th, with the value-priced BDZ-V7 only expected
to go for ¥250,000 ($2,119 US) when it hits on December 19th. They may
not have the 4x Blu-ray recording of Panasonic's lineup or the soul-crushing bulk of Toshiba's 1TB RD-A1,
but with a simple menu system and joystick based remote control
Japanese gamers who didn't get one of the 100,000 launch PS3s will
still bring Blu-ray to their living room this year.