Early Adopters Give The Thumbs Up To HD DVD?

HDBlu has no problem stirring the flames of the format war as evident from their latest article. The claim here is that HD DVD is getting higher marks then Blu-ray from early adopters. The scientific study was done by examining product reviews at Amazon.com. Take it with the proverable grain of salt, people posting on the internet typically do not […]

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Akimbo Internet video on-demand set top box

A little late in the making, Akimbo has finally announced plans to release their RCA co-branded set top box. Your typical box is usually used for cable or sat tuning, but Akimbo's can be used to tap into a library of 13000+ movies and documentaries. I like the idea of mixing something like this with a standard offering from cable […]

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Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive For $200

As widely reported on the web today, the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on will be hitting stores in November for a price of $200. This really isn't that attractive when you think about it. By them time you add on the HD DVD player, you are quickly wading into PS3 territory. You can expect the HD DVD Add-On to hit […]

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Yamaha RX-V659 Receiver


    In the pursuit of life, liberty and the best damn sound system around, Audioholics gets intimate with Yamaha's RX-V659 receiver. You aren't going have to break your little sister's piggy bank to get great performance at a decent price(549 dollars to be exact). Its clearly made for music enthusiasts with iPod and XM support. Shoring up support for […]

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Tim Burton hits on HD DVD

Ommpla Loompas in HD! Better yet, Oompa Loompa songs in HD and surround sound. What a glorius age we live in :). Warner Studios has confirmed that a few of Tim Burton's hits will be making its way to the small screen on Oct. 18, 2006. Hits like Corpse Bride, Polar Express and of course Charlie And The Charlie Factory […]

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High Def DVD FAQ

About.com has a nice beginners guide to the next generation DVD formats. The key point to remember that can be taken from this article is that both Blu-ray and HD DVD players will be compatible with the current DVD format. In fact, most players will upscale to the same resolution as Blue-ray or HD DVD. This won't give current DVDs […]

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Automate Your Shades with Lutron QED

While reading about Nobu's new inwall touchscreen, I noticed mavromatic also had a nice post about installing automatic blinds. After reading through the process, the DIY rating on this type of project is pretty high. The meat of the project is running the wires for power and control, the other half is convincing your wife you need it. From the […]

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Inwall Touchscreen PC

iNOBU - touchscreen

Via Mavromatic, NOBU has introduced an inwall touchscreen PC. Its certainly no HD powerhouse with a fanless 600MHz Celeron or 1.1GHz Pentium M, but it will more then to the job to pupe some music to your bathroom or control your Home Automation system. Price information is no where to be see, but if they can offer me a decent […]

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