Early Adopters Give The Thumbs Up To HD DVD?

HDBlu has no problem stirring the flames of the format war as evident from their latest article. The claim here is that HD DVD is getting higher marks then Blu-ray from early adopters. The scientific study was done by examining product reviews at Amazon.com. Take it with the proverable grain of salt, people posting on the internet typically do not represent the majority.

From the article:

Samsung's product retails for twice as much as Toshiba's ($999 to $499), which certainly played a part in the customer feedback. Overall, HDBlu.com reports that the average rating for the HD-A1 was a sound 4.53 out of 5 stars, compared with a woeful 2.25 for the BD-P1000. Almost 70 percent of the HD DVD reviews garnered the full five-star rating, while less than 20 percent were five stars for Blu-ray. As far as features mentioned in the reviews, both products proved guilty of poor load times and remote control.