How Hauppauge’s MediaMVP married Beyond TV

Sage has made a big big deal over their cheap branded Hauppauge Media Extender. It is a pretty good deal (around a $100 per TV) to distribute TV through out your house. Wanting to get into the action, the folks at Snapstream have published a guide on how to use BeyondTV and the same Media Extender Sage uses. I would try out both systems before blindly proceeding, as both offer a decently long trial. Hauppauge MVPs.. DO NOT… I repeat DO NOT work with HD; it just works with analog TV, pics and music.

From the article: 

So with these limitations in mind, a team of us decided that we could
create a better interface. We created the open source MediaMVP BTV
interface project. With our software, you get something closer to the
complete Beyond TV experience (plus some extras like weather and Music
playlists!), including access to live TV, and the program guide!