Inwall Touchscreen PC

iNOBU - touchscreen

Via Mavromatic, NOBU has introduced an inwall touchscreen PC. Its certainly no HD powerhouse with a fanless 600MHz Celeron or 1.1GHz Pentium M, but it will more then to the job to pupe some music to your bathroom or control your Home Automation system. Price information is no where to be see, but if they can offer me a decent […]

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DogHouse Electronics RoverTV

Sit boy sit. The editors at Cnet managed to get Rover to sit down for a thorough examination. All in all, Rover seemed pretty healthy, however, he did get a few shots. Rover comes with a 4.1 or 3.6" screen size and a 2GC SD card for storage. Support for all the major formats are here (mp3. WMA, AVI, DivX […]

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Satellite DVRs Comparo

Prior to making the switch to Satellite, knowing which DVR is best capable for your family's needs can go a long way in smoothing the rough transition over with your wife/significant other. DVR Playgournd has the rundown on the different DVR packages from Direct and Dish. THe article looks heavily at the tech aspects such as buffering, guide data and […]

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